Interactive Fiction Actions (Part 1)


Porting to Actions on Google

Build the Action

engine = new ZVM();loadData(
'', (data) => {
code: 'load',
data: data
try {
} catch (e) {
assistant.tell('Error: File format not supported.');
step (response) {
const orders = engine.orders;
for (i = 0; i < orders.length; i++) {
let code = orders[i].code;
if (code === 'stream') {
} else if (code === 'read') {
order.response = response;
./gactions preview --invocation_name "voice adventures"
./gactions simulateUser TTS (CTRL-C to stop):
talk to voice adventures
Action: Sure, here's voice adventuresLost Pig. Grunk think that pig probably go this way. It hard to tell at night time, because moon not bright as sun. There forest to east and north. It even darker there, and Grunk hear lots of strange animal. West of Grunk, there big field with little stone wall. Farm back to south.User TTS (CTRL-C to stop):
Action: Grunk have: torch (on fire), pants (Grunk wearing them)

Retaining State =;
  1. Create a new instance of the interpreter using a cached copy of the game file.
  2. Tell the interpreter to restore the game state using the incoming session data.
  3. Pass the raw user text to the interpreter.
  4. Parse the interpreter response and pass it back in the action HTTP response using assistant.ask to get the next user input. In addition, the game state is saved and passed back with the HTTP response.

Next Steps




Former Google Assistant Developer Relations Engineer

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Leon Nicholls

Leon Nicholls

Former Google Assistant Developer Relations Engineer

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