Let Gemini Unleash a Flood of Ideas, Evolve Them to Excellence

Leon Nicholls
7 min readMar 25, 2024

Picture this: You’ve been staring at a blank screen for an eternity. You need a killer idea for your next product, a viral marketing campaign, or a catchy name for that new feature. The good news? You’re not alone. We’ve all hit that creative wall. But what if you had a secret weapon, a sort of brainstorming partner that could tap into a wellspring of ideas you never even considered?

That’s where Google Gemini comes in. This isn’t just about asking for a list of blog topics and getting one. Gemini understands what you’re trying to achieve and can generate fresh, surprising results. Think of it like conversing with the most well-read, imaginative person you know who also has access to a vast library of information.

This blog post is about becoming a Gemini power user. Sure, anyone can toss in a simple prompt. But we’ll dig deeper, learning how to craft prompts that turn those first sparks of inspiration into actionable, brilliant plans that get you excited to get working. Ready to dive in?

Note: This article spotlights techniques for the Google Gemini Advanced chatbot (a paid service). While these concepts also apply to the free version, we’ll focus on the enhanced capabilities offered by the Advanced subscription.

Setting the Stage for Your Idea Explosion

Think of your best ideas. Chances are, they didn’t spring into existence fully formed, did they? It took some focus — knowing what problem you were solving or what kind of feeling you wanted to create. The same principle applies to working with Gemini.

Goals = Focus

Imagine asking Gemini, “Give me some marketing ideas.” You’ll get stuff. Some good, some forgettable, but all likely generic. It’s the AI equivalent of a shrug! If you ask, “Give me out-of-the-box marketing ideas for a plant-based food delivery service targeting young professionals,” you’ve created boundaries to play within.

Specificity Isn’t Stifling; it Supercharges

You might worry that getting too specific limits creativity, but it works the opposite way! By providing details, you give Gemini the building blocks to be truly inventive. Broad prompts lead to answers, but some targeted detail unlocks Gemini’s real power.

Actionable Tip: Time for a Rewrite Challenge!

Remember the last time you used a prompt template and were underwhelmed? Rewrite that prompt as if you were explaining the goal to a friend. Add the specifics you’d naturally include in that conversation, then try both versions through Gemini. The difference might shock you!

Gemini, Your Idea Engine

Now that we have a clear goal, let’s unleash the fun part — the brainstorming! This is where Gemini gets to stretch its idea-generating muscles. Think of the process in a few simple steps:

Brainstorming Blueprint

  • Prime the Pump: This is where you craft a prompt, encouraging expansive thinking. Toss in the specifics, but leave enough wiggle room for Gemini to have space to surprise you.
    Example: “Generate creative marketing campaign ideas for a plant-based food delivery service targeting busy young professionals. Focus on quirky, attention-grabbing concepts.”
  • Volume First, Refinement Later: At this stage, we want quantity over quality. Uniqueness matters more than immediate perfection. Tell Gemini to go big and go a little wild—it’ll likely spit out a few duds, but the gems will be worth it!

Think Outside the Box (With Gemini’s Help!)

Feel free to nudge Gemini into truly unusual territory. A “what if” attitude leads to unexpected results. What if your plant-based campaign partnered with a local gym? Or did your delivery boxes have funny, meme-inspired slogans? Gemini thrives on this!

Constraints as a Creative Tool

This might seem counterintuitive, but limitations can be your friend. Try prompts like:

  • “Ideas using no social media”
  • “Campaigns costing under $100 to launch”
  • “Ideas inspired by nature documentaries”

These restrictions force Gemini to think differently, and those are often where the breakout ideas hide (learn more about the zany side of Gemini in my article).

Actionable Tip: Silly Warm-Up

Need help being bold? Start with a ridiculous idea, then add constraints — for example, a campaign where pigeons deliver tiny samples of your food. Now add “must be digital”…then “must be under $50.” This forces creative problem-solving and reminds you not to self-edit your prompts too early!

Sifting Through the Brainstorm

Okay, you’ve got a whirlwind of ideas swirling around. Some are fantastic, some are forgettable…and a few might be so out there they’re secretly brilliant. Let’s figure out which is which! Gemini can help streamline this process.

Cutting Clutter

Have you ever noticed how similar ideas can pop up in a brainstorm? Gemini can spot duplicates and redundancies, saving us some mental work.

  • Prompt Example: “Review these ideas and group similar concepts together.”

The Boldness Boost

Now, let’s make good ideas even better! Ask Gemini to push things further with prompts like:

  • “Combine ideas 2 and 7. What’s a new and even more unexpected version?”
  • “Take idea three and make it 10x more eye-catching.”
  • “Change the setting of idea 5 — how could it work in a different environment?”

Gemini the Evaluator

This is where things get powerful. We can design prompts for Gemini to analyze our ideas against specific criteria:

  • Feasibility: “What technical challenges might make idea four difficult to implement?”
  • Originality: “Rate these ideas on a scale of 1–10 for uniqueness.”
  • Target Fit: “Which idea best aligns with the busy lifestyle of young professionals?”

Actionable Tip: Break It Down

Extensive criteria can be daunting. Instead of just asking, “Is this idea feasible?” drill down:

  • “What specific tech skills are needed?”
  • “Estimate cost based on X, Y, & Z factors”
  • “Then, give me an overall feasibility rating.”

This gets you more specific insights from Gemini AND trains your decision-making!

From Ideas to Actionable Plans

You’ve mined many incredible concepts, but they’re still just that — concepts. Let’s flesh them out and see which ones have real legs to stand on!

Name that Feature!

A catchy, benefit-driven name can make or break a new feature. Gemini’s a whiz at this!
Prompt Example: “Genera five punchy names for a service delivering plant-based recipe boxes with pre-portioned ingredients.” (Remember your target audience here — young professionals!)

Think how those names sound — “Mindful Meals” and “Zero-Fuss Feast” have different vibes. Gemini is great at helping you figure that out!

Prioritizing with Purpose

Okay, how do you pick from your top ideas? Try prompts like:
“Rank these ideas based on potential customer excitement, then explain your choices.”

That “explain” part is critical. Gemini’s reasoning trains your instincts! Is your gut feeling validated, or does Gemini point out factors you overlooked?

Gemini vs. Unrealistic Expectations

Before you get too excited, let’s address the elephant in the room. Even killer ideas can have dealbreakers: “What are the top 3 obstacles to launching idea #2? Could they prevent success?”

It’s better to know now than find out the hard way, right?

Gemini Power Combo

Are you ready to see Gemini tackle multiple steps simultaneously, like a real-world workflow? Let’s use those prompts!

Consider the following prompt template for generating ideas:

“Do this step-by-step:

Step 1 — Idea Generation
Prompt: Initially, brainstorm 20 potential ideas for [problem to solve]. Keep these ideas high-level and focus on unique value propositions, even if they seem slightly outlandish or not immediately feasible.

Step 2 — Idea Refinement
Prompt: Review your 20 ideas. Eliminate duplicates or near-duplicate ideas. Aim to have a set of genuinely distinct ideas. Modify or expand ideas to enhance their boldness and uniqueness.

Step 3 — Feature Shaping
Prompt: For each refined idea:
- Create a Catchy Name: A compelling title that grabs attention
- Write a Description: A 40–80-word paragraph explaining the idea’s essence and critical benefits for the user.

Do each of these steps sequentially and within a single response to the user.”

Let’s try this template with an actual use case: We want to identify awesome potential features for a paid tier of the Gemini chatbot.

Side notes:

  • Gemini will follow the instructions in the template step by step.
  • Gemini starts with high-level ideas that focus on unique value propositions, even if they seem slightly outlandish or not immediately feasible.
  • Gemini is great at eliminating duplicates or near-duplicate ideas.
  • If Gemini doesn’t provide a complete response, say “continue” so it can give you the rest of the response.
  • Naming is where Gemini often surprises! You should get some fun options, but feel free to edit.

The Takeaway: Gemini isn’t magic. It’s a tool that amplifies the iterative brainstorming process. This chained prompting lets you go from a broad concept to something much closer to launch-ready, all in one session. That’s powerful stuff!

Beyond the Core Brainstorm

Gemini’s brainstorming brilliance has likely hooked you by now. But it doesn’t stop there! Let’s explore some other ways Gemini becomes your all-around creative sidekick.

A Touch of AI Project Management?

Gemini can help you stay organized! Just keep things concise:

  • Project Outlines: “Create a basic project outline for launching a new [product].”
  • Competitor Analysis: “List the top 3 competitors to [service]. Include their strengths and weaknesses.”

SWOT Analysis: “Perform a SWOT analysis for [idea].”


Okay, deep breath! We’ve covered a lot, but it boils down to this: Great ideas rarely happen in a flash. Gemini becomes a powerful partner in your process — brainstorm, refine, evaluate, and repeat! Embrace the power of experimentation. There’s no single “right” way to prompt Gemini. Be playful, try out-there ideas, and get comfortable tweaking your prompts. That’s how you’ll level up your skills and unlock groundbreaking results.

You’ve now got a whole new toolkit to break through that creative block and generate ideas you might have yet to develop. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to start brainstorming!

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