Mastering Gemini Debates: Advanced Prompts for Deeper Thinking

Leon Nicholls
7 min readApr 3, 2024

Do you think Google Gemini is just for answering questions or writing poems? Think again! This AI powerhouse can handle way more than the basics — it can stage epic debates, unpack complex issues, and throw some serious shade from all sides.

Imagine a fiery showdown between politicians and climate activists about electric cars or Einstein arguing with Stephen Hawking about black holes. It’s the kind of stuff that keeps you scrolling long past bedtime. Plus, it’s useful; seeing issues from every angle makes better decisions or sparks killer ideas for your next project.

But here’s the deal: Gemini isn’t some magic mind-reader. To get those sparks flying, you must know how to design a knockout debate prompt. “Argue about cats” won’t cut it. This blog post is here to change that. Think of it as your personal debate coach, training up your prompt-writing skills so you can unleash Gemini’s full potential.

Note: This article spotlights techniques for the Google Gemini Advanced chatbot (a paid service). While these concepts also apply to the free version, we’ll focus on the enhanced capabilities offered by the Advanced subscription.

Choose Your Fighters

Okay, before we even start typing anything into Gemini, we need a good old-fashioned rumble. Here’s how to make it juicy:

  • Hot Potatoes Only: Dull topics = dull debates. Is it something with strong opinions on both sides? Could it get controversial? Perfect. For instance, instead of “Talk about recycling,” how about “Should big companies be legally punished for not recycling?” There’s your firestarter right there.
  • Who’s Getting in the Ring?
    Real People = Instant Drama: Think celebrities, historical figures, or anyone with a well-known stance. (Gandhi vs. Machiavelli on world peace? Now THAT’S a watch party.)
    — Invented Characters = Defined Roles: Don’t just say “two people;” design them. A tech CEO vs. a privacy rights lawyer? Their worldviews are going to clash spectacularly.
    — Solo Thinker? Try the ‘Six Thinking Hats’: This method breaks down complex issues from multiple angles (great if YOU are the one brainstorming!).
  • Where’s the Smackdown? This isn’t just about scenery; it sets the tone:
    — Tense corporate boardroom = formal language, sneaky jabs
    — A chaotic online forum = slang, insults, ALL CAPS RAGE
    — It could be a calm cafe chat that turns heated…Gemini can handle the mood shift!

See the difference? Get those creative juices flowing! The weirder, the better sometimes.

Plug-and-Play Prompt Templates

Okay, the theory’s all good, but what does an excellent debate prompt look like? Here are a few templates to get those ideas flowing:

Note: Gemini won’t respond to topics it might find sensitive or controversial.

Key Reminders:

  • Language is Your Weapon: “Angry clash” vs. “respectful discussion” get very different results from Gemini. Word choice matters!
  • Don’t Forget the Senses: Slip in details like “a nervous laugh” or “her eyes narrow suspiciously” to give Gemini subtle cues to respond to.

Most of all, enjoy it, and don’t be afraid to experiment. Sometimes, the weirder, the better!

Real-World Uses

Debating with AI is fun, but there’s got to be more to it than just entertainment value. Here’s where Gemini’s debate skills shine bright, complete with the kind of prompts to kickstart your projects:

Note: If Gemini doesn’t respond the first time, look at the other drafts for a possible answer.

Think Bigger: Could AI-powered debates help students learn complex topics? Could they simulate therapy conversations or even legal arguments for lawyers in training? The possibilities are fascinating.

Potential Pitfalls & Easy Fixes

Let’s be honest; even the best-designed debate prompt can hit a snag with Gemini. Here are some common issues and how to get back on track:

  • Getting Stuck in a Loop: AI can fall into repetitive patterns occasionally.
    — Easy Fix: Throw in a curveball! “BREAKING NEWS: A new study changes everything…how does this affect the debate?” Forces Gemini to adapt.
  • Too Neutral: Sometimes, Gemini tries to please everyone and avoids strong opinions.
    — Easy Fix: Up the intensity of your prompts. Instead of “discuss pros and cons,” make it “passionately defend” or “tear apart this argument.”
  • Losing Focus: Debates can go off the rails if they need to be narrower.
    — Easy Fix: Add mid-debate “check-in” prompts. “Let’s refocus on the main question…” It keeps things moving towards a point.
  • Spiraling into the Absurd: Especially with those wacky debates, sometimes the AI gets carried away into ridiculous territory.
    — Easy Fix: Ground it! Inject a dose of realism — “A concerned citizen interrupts, asking how this debate impacts REAL people…”

Bonus Tip: Iteration is critical! Analyze Gemini’s responses, tweak your prompts, and experiment. The more you practice, the better you’ll both get at this.

The Responsibility of Debating with AI

Hey, let’s get real for a minute. Gemini is a powerful tool, but it can be used well or poorly, just as any other tool. When it comes to debates, there are some important ethical things to keep in mind:

  • The Bias Factor: Gemini learns from massive amounts of text humans create. And humans have biases! It’s easy for Gemini to reflect those biases in its debate responses accidentally. Always be critical of the arguments it generates—are they fair and balanced?
  • Misinformation Alert: Gemini could better tell facts from fiction, especially with complex topics. Double-check it if it throws out a ‘fact’ during a debate! Don’t let AI-generated misinformation spread unchecked.
  • Your Role as Gatekeeper: Think of it like this: Gemini is the enthusiastic debater who sometimes gets too carried away. You’re the responsible moderator. Fact-checking, calling out unfair tactics (on both sides, even Gemini’s), and keeping the debate grounded is on you.
  • The Limits of AI: AI can be incredibly persuasive, even when wrong. Remember, it mimics how people argue, not necessarily arriving at the ‘truth.’ It mimics how people think and argue, especially if you feed it leading prompts. Don’t let slick language fool you — always analyze the substance of the argument.

The Upside: Debating with Gemini can make you a sharper thinker! By spotting its biases, logical flaws, and mishaps, you learn to be more critical of all the information you encounter in the real world.


See, we told you — Gemini has some serious debate chops! It’s more than just asking questions; it’s about staging epic battles of ideas. Whether you’re using this to make smarter decisions, spark a creative breakthrough, or have mind-bending fun, those well-crafted prompts are your key to unlocking Gemini’s full potential.

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