The Riddler’s LLM Sidekick: Master Google Gemini for Creative Riddles

Leon Nicholls
8 min readApr 8, 2024

When you think of artificial intelligence, the word “riddle wizard” probably doesn’t come to mind. But Google Gemini can be a surprisingly awesome sidekick when you want to craft some riddles.

Why’s that? Well, think about what makes a good riddle. Clever wordplay? Check! Understanding tricky phrasing and double meanings? You bet. And tapping into a massive vocabulary to find the perfect word? Gemini’s got it covered.

Whether you want a simple riddle to stump your friends, a logic puzzle that makes heads spin, or something completely off the wall, Gemini can help brainstorm, refine ideas, and even offer a few surprises. Ready to get your riddle game on? Let’s dive in!

Note: This article spotlights techniques for the Google Gemini Advanced chatbot (a paid service). While these concepts also apply to the free version, we’ll focus on the enhanced capabilities offered by the Advanced subscription.

Why Gemini is Your Riddle Power-Up

Let’s get into why Gemini is seriously good at this riddle thing.

  • Word Nerd Extraordinaire: Gemini has a crazy-big vocabulary and understands the relationships between words. This means it gets your puns, double meanings, and all those subtle language tricks that make a good riddle tick.
  • The Riddle Buffet: Whether you want a classic “What has a voice but cannot speak?” kind of brainteaser, a logic puzzle that makes you think sideways, or something focused on words and their meanings, Gemini can handle it.
  • Beyond Just Answers: It’s not just about getting Gemini to spit out riddles. It can explain its thought process, help you tweak riddles to improve, and (we’ll get to this later) even create some wild new riddle formats you might not have thought of!

Think of it like this: Gemini is that friend who’s always up for a word game, laughs at your terrible puns, and might even have a few tricks to surprise you.

Your Riddle-Crafting Toolkit

Alright, it’s time to get your hands dirty! Let’s start with the basics of making Gemini your riddle-generating pal.

Pro-Tip: Think of Gemini as your riddle brainstorming buddy. It throws out some ideas; you pick what you like and make something awesome together!

Gemini: Your Riddle-Solving Sidekick

It’s not just about making riddles — Gemini can help you crack them, too! Let’s break down how:

Important Note: With complex logic puzzles, it’s often easier for Gemini to explain an existing solution rather than create one from scratch. But that itself is a great learning tool!

The Wonderful World of Riddles

Are you ready to explore the flavors of riddles that Gemini can help you cook up? For this section, we are going to use a template like this:

“Act as a riddles expert. Create a classic riddle in the ‘[insert style]’ style. For example:


[insert example]
(Answer:[insert answer])


Here’s a breakdown of using examples to generate new riddles:

Mix It Up — Riddle Variations

Are you ready to try a few fun twists on the classic riddle format? Gemini’s got you covered!

  • Hinting at Answers: Sometimes, a well-placed hint can make a riddle way more engaging. You can have Gemini provide hints along with the riddle or even structure the riddle so each line reveals a little more:
    Write a riddle about a book. Include two hints.
  • The Multiple Choice Twist: Give your audience some options! This makes riddles great for groups or for adjusting the difficulty level:
    Write a riddle with the answer ‘star’. Give three possible answer choices.
  • Riddle Overload: Who says you need one riddle at a time? With clever prompting, you can get Gemini to spit out a whole batch of themed riddles.
    “As a master word wizard, your challenge is to conjure up five captivating riddles that will test your audience’s wit and wordplay skills. Keep your riddles short and sweet, designed to trick the mind playfully. Offer a tantalizing hook to draw players in, and present each riddle in the following table format:
    Riddle | Option 1 | Option 2 | Option 3 | Answer
    For example,
    Riddle: I have a face but lack a frown. I have a bright body, yet I wear no gown. I sometimes twinkle, sometimes fall, and can be seen by everyone.
    Option 1: A coin
    Option 2: A star
    Option 3: A wish
    Answer: A star
    The value for Riddle should be at most 3 sentences. Please ensure your riddles are well-crafted and engaging and provide a satisfying solution. Display the results in a single table format.”

Let your imagination run wild — there are many ways to change the riddle game, and Gemini’s happy to experiment with you!

Tips for Prompting Gemini

Getting the most out of Gemini for your riddle-crafting is all about how you communicate. Here are a few tips to make your prompts clear and unlock better results:

  • Difficulty: Start simple, then challenge Gemini. Begin with basic prompts to see how Gemini grasps the concept of riddles. Once you’ve got the basics down, crank up the difficulty with:
    — Target Audience: “Write a riddle for a 3rd grader” vs. “Write a riddle to stump a philosophy professor.”
    — Complexity: “A short riddle about the ocean” vs. “A riddle about the ocean with layers of metaphors and symbolism.”
  • Themes: Tap into interests for extra fun. Does the person you’re making riddles for love dinosaurs? Fantasy? Science? Tell Gemini:
    Write a riddle about a dragon that uses fantasy words a fan would know.
  • Hints: Make them optional. Sometimes, the best riddles come with clues to nudge the solver along. Gemini can be your hint generator:
    “Write a riddle about a mirror and give me two hints to go with it.”
  • Feedback: Help Gemini improve. Did Gemini’s riddle fall flat? Was it way too easy? Let me know! This will help it refine future riddle attempts.
    “That riddle was too obvious; make the next one harder.”
    “I love the wordplay in this one; give me more like that!”
  • Specificity is Key: The more specific your prompts, the better Gemini understands your wants. Avoid vague requests like “Write a good riddle.”
  • Think Like a Partner: Gemini is your collaborator, not just a tool. The more you brainstorm together, the better your results will be!

Bonus Tip: Don’t be afraid to let Gemini surprise you! Sometimes, a slightly off-the-wall prompt can lead to the most unique and intriguing riddles.


See? Gemini and riddles make a surprisingly awesome team! The most important thing is to remember that this is supposed to be fun. Experiment, rework those riddles, don’t be afraid to get silly, and see what crazy ideas Gemini throws. Iteration is the name of the game!

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