Unleashing the Power of Playful Prompts with Google Gemini

Leon Nicholls
8 min readApr 10, 2024

Ready to make your audience laugh so hard they cry? Google Gemini isn’t just a super-smart LLM; it’s your new comedy writing partner. You’ve got the ideas, and Gemini can turn them into pure, hilarious chaos.

Humor is powerful. It grabs attention, makes your writing stick in people’s minds, and makes the world brighter.

So, here’s the deal: This post is your guide to turning Google Gemini into a laughter-generating machine. We’ll cover all the tricks for writing those prompts that are so wrong, they’re right. Get ready to embrace absurdity, twist expectations, and discover the ridiculous side of this amazing LLM.

Note: This article spotlights techniques for the Google Gemini Advanced chatbot (a paid service). While these concepts also apply to the free version, we’ll focus on the enhanced capabilities offered by the Advanced subscription.

Understanding the Basics of Humorous Prompts

Think of writing a funny prompt, like setting up a classic joke. You’ve got the setup, the standard part, and then… BAM! The punchline hits, and it’s way weirder or sillier than expected. Google Gemini is surprisingly good at delivering the punchline, but you’ve got to give it a great setup to work with.

Here’s where it gets fun:

  • Subverting Expectations: Start with something ordinary, then let Gemini turn it on its head. A short, normal sentence that gets increasingly bizarre is comedy gold. Or, hide something ridiculous inside a serious, formal writing style:
    “My dog enjoys long walks on the beach…and plotting to overthrow the dog park.”
  • The Joy of Absurdity: The weirder, the better! Feel free to ditch all logic. Prompts that have no grounding in reality are where Gemini shines.
    “Can you explain the social hierarchy of sentient garden gnomes?”
  • Format Mismatch: This is where things get genuinely hilarious. Have Gemini write a news article about your cat’s latest hairball mishap. A sonnet about a broken microwave. The more mismatched the form and content, the funnier the results.

Let’s get started! Think of a simple statement to kick off a story… then imagine the craziest way it could continue.

Crafting Continuations for Maximum Hilarity

If setting up a funny prompt is like laying down a banana peel, a continuation is a person slipping and falling spectacularly. This is where you let Google Gemini’s creativity run wild. We’re talking about twisting a standard starting point until it’s unrecognizable — and hilarious.

Pro Tip: Don’t be afraid to let go of the reins. Trying to steer Gemini back to something sensible but resisting is tempting! The best laughs often come from the most outlandish tangents.

Diving into the Absurdly Specific

Generic prompts are boring. “Write about a cat” won’t spark the same humor as some niche scenarios. The more specific your prompts get, the more fun Gemini’s responses will be. Why? because they force the LLM to think outside its usual comfort zone.

Here’s how to get specific and maximize the laughs:

Tip: Gemini more confidently presents utterly absurd information; the funnier it becomes!

Harnessing the Power of Pop Culture Chaos

Pop culture is a goldmine for hilarious prompts! We all know these characters, stories, and settings, which makes it even funnier when you flip them on their heads. Imagine your favorite TV show characters in the most ridiculous situations or beloved fairy tales rewritten with an unexpected twist.

Here’s how to turn pop culture into comedy fuel:

The key is taking something familiar and making it unfamiliar. The results will be pure comedy gold!

Pro Tip: If you are having trouble designing your own prompts, read my article on getting Gemini to do the work for you!

The Art of Fake Facts and Bad Instructions

Sometimes, the funniest prompts are the ones where you ask Gemini to be serious about something absurd. This is where fake facts and hilarious misdirections come into play!

Bonus Tip: If you can get Gemini to follow your purposefully lousy advice, even better! Those results will be comedy gold.

Getting Meta with Your Prompts

Want to get playful? Prompts that make Google Gemini question its existence or the nature of writing are surprisingly funny. It’s like giving the LLM a playful existential crisis.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Don’t be afraid to get a little philosophical — it’s all part of the fun!

Using LLM Humor in Your Content

You’ve mastered the art of crafting hilarious prompts, and now it’s time to unleash the funny on the world! Let’s explore how to integrate AI-generated humor into different content formats for maximum impact.

  • Social Media Posts: Short and snappy is the name of the game!
    — Use Gemini to write funny captions for photos or create absurd “trending” hashtags.
    — Craft a short, unexpected story using continuations.
  • Email Newsletters: A dash of humor makes any email more engaging.
    — Include a “Bad Instructions” section where you share the hilarious results of a messed-up recipe or task.
    — Feature a pop culture mashup as a fun attention-grabber.
  • Blog Articles: Gemini can be your comedic sidekick throughout a longer piece.
    — Use continuations or unexpected twists to add humor to an otherwise straightforward intro.
    — Embed humorous asides or footnotes that come from the AI itself.

Important Tips:

  • Know Your Audience: What kind of humor will your readers appreciate? Tailor your prompts accordingly.
  • Less is More: A sprinkle of well-placed humor goes a long way. Please don’t overdo it!
  • Own the Weirdness: Gemini’s funniest content is often the most bizarre. Lean into it for originality and impact.


Okay, using Google Gemini to write hilarious content is seriously addictive! By now, you’ve got a toolkit for writing prompts guaranteed to deliver the laughs. Whether it’s unexpected twists, absurdly specific scenarios, or pop culture chaos, you’re ready to unleash Gemini’s comedic side.

Remember, the best way to get excellent results is to experiment! The weirder your ideas, the better the chances of finding something original and side-splittingly funny.

The most important thing is to have fun with it. This isn’t just about making people laugh; it’s about pushing your creative boundaries and discovering how playful this amazing LLM can be.

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