Your AI Talent Scout: Let Gemini Build Your Expert Dream Team

Leon Nicholls
7 min readMar 22, 2024

You want answers from your LLM with a personality or a laser-sharp focus only a specialist can provide. That’s where Google Gemini’s expert roles come in.

Think of it like this: instead of having a super-smart LLM buddy, you have a whole team! Need financial insights? Slip Gemini its “Financial Analyst” hat. Want a poem bursting with creativity? Time for the “Poet” role. Each role unlocks a different flavor of Gemini’s knowledge and abilities.

But which expert is the best for the job? We’ll let Gemini pick the expert roles for you!

Note: This article spotlights techniques for the Google Gemini Advanced chatbot (a paid service). While these concepts also apply to the free version, we’ll focus on the enhanced capabilities offered by the Advanced subscription.

What are Expert Roles?

Let’s cut to the chase: expert roles are like different thinking caps for Google Gemini. Pop on the “Scientist” hat, and suddenly, its answers get technical and precise. Switch to the “Novelist” hat, and it’ll start weaving you a story. It’s all about focusing Gemini’s massive knowledge base in the right direction.

So, why bother with these thinking caps? Here’s the deal:

  • Accuracy Boost: Need a summary of complex legal jargon? The “Lawyer” role is your friend. Gemini will draw on its understanding of legal stuff for the best results.
  • Staying on Character: Imagine Gemini roleplaying as a customer support agent. Expert roles keep it sound helpful and professional.
  • Unlocking Hidden Talents: Did you know Gemini Advanced is a creative rock star? Roles like “Artist” or “Poet” can bring out its imaginative side!

Gemini, Your Expert Role Picker

Here’s where things get cool: Gemini isn’t just a super-brain; it’s also pretty good at figuring out what expertise you need. Think of it as your own personal AI talent scout!

Here’s how it works:

  • Keyword Spotting: Gemini recognizes word clusters associated with different professions and knowledge areas, thanks to its training on a massive dataset. “Tax implications” signals a legal expert, “photosynthesis” points towards science, etc.
  • Understanding Context: It’s not just about single words but how they work together. “Write a marketing email,” tells Gemini you’re aiming for persuasive business communication, not technical specs.
  • Nuances Matter: Subtler clues can also inform Gemini’s choices. Requesting “a poem about quantum physics” might lead to both a “Poet” and “Physicist” suggestion, combining creativity and science.
  • Learning from You: Gemini is constantly refining its understanding within each conversation. If you consistently accept or reject specific role suggestions, they will adapt over time to better match your preferences.

Examples in Action:

Here are a few examples to illustrate how Gemini helps you pick the proper expert role:

  • User Prompt:
    “What expert role would you recommend for this prompt:
    Write me a catchy slogan for a new fitness app.
    Gemini Response:Marketing Guru
  • User Prompt:
    “What expert role would you recommend for this prompt:
    What are the different styles of classical music?
    Gemini Response:Music Historian
  • User Prompt:
    “What expert role would you recommend for this prompt:
    “Can you explain the photosynthesis concept so my kids can understand?
    Gemini Response:Elementary School Science Teacher

Role Play:

Now that Gemini has recommended the best role for your prompt, use it to get the best response: “Act as a [role]. [User prompt to solve]” or “You are a [role]. [User prompt]”

Note: You can also let Gemini take over and generate your prompt from scratch. Read my article for more details.

Tailor-Made Expertise

Think of the expert roles Gemini suggests as a starting point for greatness. You have the full power to tweak and customize them to match your exact needs. Let’s get specific!

  • Get More Suggestions: If Gemini’s initial suggestion feels too broad, ask it to dig deeper! Try phrases like:
    — “Can you suggest even more specialized roles for this?”
    — “Are there other relevant expert roles I should consider?”
    — “Are there roles focusing on [specific detail] that would be relevant?”
    — “Suggest any relevant roles within [specific niche]?”
    — “This task seems complex. Can you suggest some additional expert roles that might be helpful?”
  • Build Your Role Library: If you repeatedly use certain custom roles, save them! Pin your favorites for easy access — it’s like building your expert toolkit.

Customizing in Action

Here’s how you can talk to Gemini about refining those roles:

  • Example 1: “Can you use the ‘Financial Analyst’ role but focus specifically on stock market trends?”
  • Example 2: “I like the ‘Poet’ role, but can you make the language style less formal and more modern?”
  • Example 3: “Use the ‘Chef’ role, and please limit the output to vegan recipes.”

Don’t be afraid to experiment! The more specific your customization requests, the better Gemini can tailor its responses to your needs.

The AI Dream Team

Ready to take things to the next level? This is where expert roles get seriously fun — think of it like assembling your superhero squad but with AI specialists!

  • Mix and Match: Imagine you ask, “Can you explain inflation in a way that’s easy to understand?” You could combine the “Economist” role for the financial know-how with the “Educator” role to simplify the explanation. Boom!
  • Gemini the Maestro: The best part is that Gemini can manage this whole expert crew for you. It seamlessly blends their outputs into a single response that hits all the right notes.
  • Think Big: Do you need a product description that’s technically accurate but also super persuasive? “Technical Writer” + “Salesperson” could be your winning combo. The possibilities are endless!

Role Play:

Now that Gemini has recommended the best roles for your prompt, use them to get the best response: “Act as both a [role1] and a [role2]. [User prompt to solve]” or “You are both a [role1] and a [role2]. [User prompt]”

Automating Your Expert Dream Team

Want to let Gemini do all the work for you? Get ready to streamline the whole process! Imagine letting Gemini automatically pick the right experts and immediately get to work on your prompts — all in a single, super-efficient step.

Using the Auto-Expert Prompt

The “Auto-Expert” concept is the key to making this happen. Here’s how it works:

  • Understanding the Need: Calling yourself an “Auto-Expert” sends a signal to Gemini. You’re dealing with tasks that benefit from multi-faceted expertise.
  • Permission to Assemble: By telling Gemini you collaborate with other experts, you’ve given it the green light to analyze your prompt and build the perfect team for the problem.

The Power Prompt

Here’s how to combine your “Auto-Expert” concept with direct instructions to both auto-select roles and generate a response:

“You are an Auto-Expert. Could you look at this prompt and identify the expert roles necessary to get a comprehensive response? Act as a combination of those roles to tackle this problem: ```[Insert User Prompt Here]```”

Example in Action

Let’s imagine the user prompt is: “Analyze recent inflation concerns and write a short blog post explaining the potential consequences for investors.”

With the “Power Prompt,” Gemini would:

  1. Analyze: Spot keywords like “inflation,” “blog post,” and “investors.”
  2. Assemble: Suggest something like “Financial Analyst” (for market analysis), Investment Strategist (for investment advice), “Economic Historian” (for a historical perspective), and “Copywriter” (for blog post style).
  3. Respond: Seamlessly weave insights from those roles into a final blog draft, saving you time.

Putting It Into Practice

Alright, enough theory — let’s see this expert role magic in action! Here are a couple of scenarios to get your imagination going:

Scenario 1: Customer Service Superstar

  • The Prompt:A frustrated customer emails with a technical issue. It’s complex stuff.
  • The Roles: Gemini suggests “Technical Support Specialist.” You might refine it further to something matching the exact product (like “Software Support Specialist”). Add a “Customer Service Representative” role for empathy and helpful language.
  • The Win: Gemini’s response is accurate in tech jargon and has a reassuring tone — a frustrated customer becomes happy!

Scenario 2: Creativity Unleashed

  • The Prompt:You need inspiration for a short story. It should be a little spooky.
  • The Roles: This is where it gets fun! “Creative Writer” for the vibes, maybe “Historian” for an old-fashioned setting twist, and a dash of “Psychologist” for the inner workings of the human mind.
  • The Win: Gemini spins a tale with the right mix of atmosphere, historical detail, and a lingering sense of unease.

Scenario 3: Data Deep Dive

Now, it’s over to you! Think of a task you often use Gemini for. How could combining expert roles take your results to the next level?


Expert roles are your secret weapon for unlocking everything Google Gemini can do! Think of it as giving your AI assistant a new set of superpowers. Whether you’re aiming for pinpoint accuracy, a burst of creative inspiration, or responses so well-tailored they feel like magic, this is your tool.

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